08 December 2012

March 2012

Another sunrise from our living room window.
Finally finished the tiger puzzle, only two pieces missing :-)

Craig and I were invited to the Irish Ball which benefited several charities.
We actually had a mini-blizzard during the night.
Early the next morning everything was still white.
...but later in the morning most of the snow was gone. This group of people have their daily exercise together before starting their shift.
A few elderly braving the cold, snow and possibly slick spots. I shot these out the car window, sorry for the quality.
One of my favorite shopping areas, totally Chinese, which means next to no one speaks English.
These ladies do a lot of sewing for ex-pats, they understand our meager Chinese and pantomimes.
At another shop, we were invited to visit their "other room" which was upstairs and down the hall. I think this room would have been their storage room but was converted to a more exclusive shop that catered to wealthier patrons.
You can find almost anything here. This outfit was so tempting but we both passed on it, lol.
Our wonderful home teacher and his lovely wife.

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M and W said...

I love your green jacket! and I"m SO happy you are posting pictures!!!!!!!!!