18 March 2010

How to Annoy Your Husband

It's tax time and there are papers all over the bedroom floor. There's also a jar of paper clips which he accidently knocked over sending the little things flying. "Oh, crap!" he said (really, that's exactly what he said). I looked at the mess for a second or two, and very seriously I said, "It looks like paper clips to me." He was not humored, not at first.

12 March 2010

Happy Birthday, Craig

Happy Birthday! It was going to be a dull regular day, so he thought. He went out to dinner with the kids and grandkids, that's always fun. When he got home he thought he saw someone in the window. Some friends dropped by to wish him Best Wishes (at his age, he needs them)! It ended up being a wonderful and great evening for him. Thanks to Tiffany and Anna for the delicious cakes and everyone who came. We love you all.

You have to ask yourself, "Did they come because they wanted to help celebrate Grandpa's birthday or was it because of the cake and ice cream?"

We found you out! It was the cake and ice cream!

and the exercise bike. Their new toy.

The Best Way to Photograph Chunky Brown

Chunky Brown is cute. Cute makes good photos. Chuncky Brown is also fast. So fast I couldn't focus.

Then when I did focus...

His attention span is a little short.

Or else I'm waaaay slow.

Reminds me of Douglas, "Squirrel? Squirrel?"

The best way to photograph CB is when he's giving kisses...

Chewing on his leash...

...and sleeping. I learned from Anna, click here.

Cathedral Window Quilt

It's not very big, just big enough for a doll cradle but it's my first ever try at a cathedral window quilt. It was fun and challenging and I did 98% of it on a treadle sewing machine. There are only 15 blocks which created 22 windows.

If you're interested in trying it yourself, you don't need a treadle sewing machine. In fact, it's thought of mostly as a hand stitched quilt. Here's a link to make your own gorgeous quilt.

This was one of my better corners, handstitching might have made a big difference overall, that is, a better looking quilt. Say, you could do this while watching Glenn Beck!

It was only a matter of time before Dad was featured on the cover of Boys Life and just in time for the 100th Birthday celebration of Scouting in the United States.

While Dad was enjoying the photo shoot, I found something else to do. It's amazing what you can find to do at the Rodeo, at the Boy Scout booth.

Kent thought rock climbing was sissy so he went rafting. Guess it was more exciting. Of course, he insisted on sitting up front which scared him white but when he climbed out, he declared he had more fun than anyone else in the raft.

Diane, being the smartest in the group talked me into rock climbing with her. She shared her techniques and did it like a pro. No dangling off the line like others...ahem. It was hard to decide who had the best fun.

The Brain

Remember the movie "Rain Man" about a savant-idiot? Here's an interesting article about the brain.