07 February 2010

Deer in the Headlights Look - Get me outta here!

Tucker's the oldest. He was hoping for a brother when Emma was born but he was happy with Emma, then along came Eliora, Paige, Audrey, Avery, Sierra, Storie and Sadie. He was getting desperate. Next was Abbie and finally Rush! Another male to bond with! But all those years have taken their toll. This picture says it all.

Ask Anna how she can get 11 little kids to sit still for a photo shoot. She's a natural.

Hide and Go Seek

We love to play Hide and Go Seek. Jeff and Avery are It. Rules are simple, you can only hide downstairs. We find new hiding places all the time. Ben always finds the best spots.


A couple of weeks ago when we had our January Thaw we also had this incredible pink sunset. The pink light was everywhere, you could almost feel it. The canal looked like a brilliant pink ribbon road.

Time to Say Good-by

This is a coffee grinder. I don't drink coffee. I bought it to grind things to make my own herbs and spices. I bought it years ago when Whitney was a girl and I took her with me to the store. I love to compare brands to make sure I get a good item. Sometimes it takes a while to decide which one I really wanted. Whitney was getting antsy, I asked what was the matter as she had a very concerned look on her face. She had been scanning the aisles for anyone she knew, she didn't want anyone to know we were buying a COFFEE grinder. This coffee grinder is now gone, bit the dust, outa here. Don't worry. Got another one.