28 February 2008

Anna and Tyler

So which one ate the bird?

27 February 2008

New Paint

Did you hear about my friend that found a lamp on sale for $5.00? She decided it would go on the bedstand in her bedroom. Only it didn't go with the comforter on her bed so she bought a new one. Then she decided she needed a new bed along with new bedstands, not to mention new paint on the walls and new curtains. It only cost her husband $4,000.00 for that $5 lamp.

Well, I didn't find a $5 lamp but on Feb. 4th my dryer died. I searched and found a couple of used ones for $100 each that even matched my washer. Only I couldn't get Craig to go and look at them with me. He finally admitted he didn't want to buy a used one. I didn't want an unmatched set again so he said go and find some new ones. While looking, he said let's replace the refrigerator with a side by side so we can open the door (the counter prevents us from opening it all the way like it should) and let's get black to match the other appliances. And while you're at it see if you can find a black microwave, too. This all started when a 30 year old dryer died and to think, I would have been satisfied with a used dryer. Yes, it's amounting to a $4,000 dryer.

Last Saturday I sold my washer, pulled out my dead dryer and decided to paint the utility room a new color while the washer and dryer are out. I should have taken a before picture but I did take a during the painting process picture. Took out the wallpaper, took a picture of the kid's signatures on the wall before painting over them. It'll be nice to have my kitchen back again.

Also, have to have the plumber come and replace the spigots for the washer before the washer gets here. They are dripping like crazy.


Even though we are having some weather in the 60's with a cold wind, it still feels like spring. Have even seen my first robin already. The roses I received this year for Valentine's Day is worth sharing with everyone. I've never seen so many colors all in one place! I suppose if I visited floral shops I'd see this all the time. Doesn't matter, I'm enjoying them now.

07 February 2008

Dance Floor

Finally got the TV off the floor and I really like how the living room looks now. It's much easier to move around. In my grandma's day they would push the furniture back against the walls and have a dance there in the home. Can't you see it? 50 or more people all dancing to the music in our living room? It might help if first I have one of the young people look at how I wired everything together and tell me how to get sound to come out of my speakers from the CD player. Everything else seems to work. Where are all my kids when I need them?