04 April 2008

Two Little Hatchlings

Katie and the little one took a walk down by the "duck pond" and found these two little hatchlings. There was dog poo nearby and the one duckling was covered with flies.
They cleaned off the ducklings and tried to put them near a mother duck but she tried to peck them and chased them off.
So they brought the little things home and called a wildlife place and found a lady that would take them and give the proper care so they'll survive.
The lady told them that the ducklings must have hatched late, the mother duck didn't hear them peeping and wait around for them to hatch so she didn't know their voice and chased them away. The lady also said that they would not have survived the night. With all the peeping they were doing they would have been hawk food.

Clay Pots

Katie threw this the other day. It's about 8" tall and very nice.
This one she threw next out of one piece of clay. It's much larger and a piece this size might be made out of two pieces of clay then put together.