29 April 2009


What can you do with a pile of old, rotted fencing? I hate to throw wood away, it seems there is always something you can do or build with it. Ben loaned me his bow but I still needed a target...and that's what led us to building our "new" target!

Ta-dah! The little one and I measured the bale of hay and using those measurements we designed and built our little table and recycled some of that wood. Pretty slick. Only took a few minutes before our neighbors came around to check it out and make sure it was up to specifications.

Must have met his expectations as I didn't get any written notice that it wasn't.

14 April 2009

Sleep deprivation

When you have sleep deprivation and combine it with being late for class, you get this...

It wasn't until the middle of the afternoon that I discovered I had put on two different shoes. It was one of those horrifying moments of embarrassment. But guess what, don't think anyone of consequence noticed, not even the instructor who was in the room with me for five hours.

So where was the fashion cop when I needed her?

09 April 2009

The results are in

All the votes are in, a TIE between B and D!

A - 1 vote (7%)
B - 5 votes (36%)
C - 3 votes (21%)
D - 5 votes (36%)

Okay, guys, that didn't help much. We couldn't make a decision between B and D in the first place!!! Hence, the poll. The poll just reiterated the dilema that we were in, and I thought you all could help us break the tie. How do you chose between two great choices? What we could have done in the first place...flip a coin. D won.

Heard back from out next door neighbor who will probably see more of our house than we will as we are right there at their back door. He admitted he didn't like the color at first but then when he saw the finished product, he loved it and glad we went with D, the dark gray. Actually, we couldn't have gone wrong with any of the choices.