29 January 2008

It's my fault

Sunday night I heard a lot of glass breaking and then yelling. Turned out the garage door hit a stick that was in the way because someone threw some hula hoops into my bucket of dowels and the one closing the garage door didn't check to see why the door stopped in the first place. This is definately my fault. I can prove it.

The baby and I had been playing with the hula hoops out on the driveway at her request. And that's where we left them. Then this really nice person picked them up for us and threw them into the garage instead of putting them in their rightful place. Then another nice person closed the garage door but didn't check as to why it wasn't closing right. So it's my fault for sure, if I had just "cleaned up" after ourselves, as I've been telling my kids for years.

It's a good thing we know the nicest and best guy for garage doors. He was out within a few hours of my phone call and put the door back on the rails and found and fixed the wheel that came off. It's all good.

28 January 2008

The Babies

Rush is not going to be rushed into anything.

Abbey is almost two weeks old and pretty in pink.

Sat., 26 Jan 2008

Saturday, Paige celebrated a belated birthday due to her little brother's birth. She enjoyed having lots of her friends there to help her celebrate. Oh, and the presents were nice, too.

Later that day was the BSA George Strake dinner. Craig was recognized by one of Congressman Kevin Brady's staff member for receiving the Silver Beaver award, the highest award that a volunteer can receive on the council level. Craig was one of six from our district to receive it.

I received the Scout Leader of the Year award for my work as Advancement Chairman. Who would have guessed? I thought this award was only for those that had "contact" positions with the scouts like scoutmasters. So I was VERY surprised - and honored - to have received this award. Craig received this award in 2000 so I put mine on the shelf right next to his and it looks nice there.

And thanks, Victor, for cleverly "playing" with my camera. I shoulda known.

Delphi, Greece video

It took awhile to get to Delphi. We had good weather. During the summer it can get as hot as 112 degrees so we were really glad to be here in the cooler temps.

Dorothea's Calendar

Finally, a new edition of mom's calendar is ready for distribution. If you have not received yours be sure to email me and ask that I send it to you. This year's calendar comes to you in .pdf format because it was the only way I knew to export it from InDesign. Sorry for the inconvenience it may cause those of you who were expecting a .doc file again.

This calendar has all the birthdays and anniversaries of Dorothea Scott's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, color coded by generation.

27 January 2008

New Blogspot

These blogs are coming from a non-writer who struggles to walk to the mailbox to post an envelope. Some times it takes days to get it in the mail. We'll see how this works...

I've managed to upload a few pictures but was distracted in reading up on some of the history of the temple of Aphaea. Here's a link to some information on it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_of_Aphaia Maybe you will be able to click on it, maybe not.

This day in history is memorable. This evening our beloved prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley, went home to Heavenly Father, it is my sister, Susan's, birthday and my first day in the blogging world.