21 May 2009

Canoes + Water = more than you bargained for

It was a little cloudy, we were expecting rain later this evening.

Let's go.

Everyone had been out on the water only about 15 minutes when it started to rain. The kids on shore ran down to help the others.

And there was a lot of thunder or they would have kept paddling.
Everyone ran for shelter.

The rain came down so hard and fast that it bounced off the road. If we had had a bar of soap everyone could have taken a shower!

It let up a little so they watched for ducks and turtles.

It was an adventure.

Even Rush had fun.

Four Square

One of our favorite games to play is four-square. I started playing with Tucker. Then Emma. Then the other adults started playing. Now everyone wants to play. This is Paul teaching Rush the finer techniques of returning a ball. And, boy, did he have a ball!

The Four-Square Fan Club

Anticipating the ball...

Here it comes...

And he connected!!!

What a great follow through

And the finish got a score of "9.9"

Mother's Day

I received a wonderful Mother's Day gift. Tiffany, who always has unique, unusual and usually FUN ideas, sent me a video where my name was in lights, stars were gawking at me, I was "roasted" and "toasted", my yet to be published book was touted and I was honored all over the country, complete with my own fan club.

I couldn't wait to share with others. So I did the same for my mom. She loved it. Here are some pictures from the video.

She wants to be just like me, only richer.

She made it sound like I made it look so easy to be a mom and still be elegant.

Joshy's words were subtitled, he was grateful for moms.

Everyone had their own way of honoring Mom of the Year.

And the fan club, we all need a fan club, a treasurer implies there's money.

10 May 2009


After two days of shopping for dresses, this seemed to be the best place of all to go to sleep. Two seconds later, she informed us she was done with the nap.

Jessica and Mike had their reception, the cake was beautiful and most likely, very delicious. Somehow I missed getting a piece. Her mom makes the best cake ever so it was a tragedy to miss out.

The bride and groom.

Tom and Collette




Doris and Dave



Annie and Joseph

Mother of the bride...and what do you do after it's all over?
Yes, take off the shoes!

08 May 2009

Softball Game

Emma began the game as the pitcher.

She also played Catcher.

Took her turn at bat.

Made a few runs, which made her really happy.

She made some awesome plays at first (see the ball on the left?).

It was close, but tie goes to runner.

Another great play.

What do girls do waiting their turn at bat?
Twirl it like a baton.

They won their game 18-17. Yea!


Just what is this and how did it die?

Post your answers and let's see who can guess it first. Ok, Tonia and Tyler, you guys don't count (well, yeah, you can count BUT don't tell anyone! See if someone can figure it out)

Avery is the winner saying he was incinerated. Actually, he was caught in my oven and baked to death, turning a nice blackish color. YEAH, AVERY!