28 December 2009


The key?

Self discipline and Obedience

This photo was intended to be a group shot of several elite police dogs, when all of a sudden the cat walked brazenly onto the scene. It was unstaged. It was unexpected. Some say it took a lot of courage for the cat to do this. Maybe, maybe not.

But let's look at it from the perspective of the German Shepherds. Inside each of them is the natural tendency to persue this cat - - maybe to simply investigate or maybe to injure. Most other German Shepherds probably would act on this instinct. But not these. No, these are highly tranined German Shepherds who have been taught to discipline the more base and common tendencies. They are going to be called upon to serve in the most important positions possible, and to be successful in their high calling, they must be able to restrain themselves when others would not.

And look at them! All 15 in the picture are letting this temptation walk by! Giving in makes them ineligible to be trusted with special assignments.

- author unknown

Another example of self discipline and obedience. The other day the parents of all my grandchildren decided to see a matinee. Leaving the oldest three in charge of their younger siblings with strict instructions they headed to the movies. I was invited to go to the movies with them but at the last moment I decided it would be better to stay with the grandchildren. When I arrived, the doors were locked. I knocked. I knocked again. I heard them saying, "It's Grandma!"

There was a loud rapping on the window and when I turned to look I saw a note they were holding to the glass. It read, "Sorry, Grandma, the Parents told us not to open the door for Anyone. Love, the kids"

A call to the Parents and I was granted entrance. Sure, I was annoyed standing outside in the cold, but having obedient grandchildren is a wonderful thing. They were trusted with an important job and they showed they had the self discipline to do the job right. The little ones were all for opening the door, the older ones who had been entrusted and given instructions did not give in to the "temptation" even though they knew me best.

My grandchildren have awesome parents.

22 November 2009

A Star in the Family

Tiffany is getting to be known around here and in Houston. She was recently featured on KHOU-TV, Channel 11 with Sherry Williams. Here's a link to see the television clip. She was asked to create 11 gifts for under $11 each. Way to go, Tiffany! Tucker, Emma and Storie did so well, too!


16 September 2009

Mom Before Surgery

Anna put together a book of pictures to give Grandma Scott. She absolutely loved it!

Mom had been hearing a lot of stories about hospital mistakes. She decided she didn't want to be one of them. It's the OTHER leg that needs the surgery. The nurses had to clean it off, they said it would read ON and confuse the surgeons. (photo by Lilly)

07 September 2009

Shopping With the Pros

If you're all girl, you know that shopping is second nature. Doesn't matter if you have money or not, you're out to look at all the new items, try on the latest styles and just enjoy the company. Sharing tips on wearing accessories adds to the fun of being out and about town.

Unfortunately, you won't catch all the conversation between the two little pros, and Rush did try to put in his two cents worth, but just watching them try on the hats, purses and gloves was so much fun! They would have stayed there all day if we'd let them.

17 August 2009

No Pets

We used to have a lot of rules in our house. But over the years it has come down to only one: NO PETS. Craig's allergic to them. Especially if they have fur or stink. In the thirty-plus years that we've had children he has put up with gerbils, mice, pet rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, more rabbits, iguanas, turtles, hamsters, killer hamsters, hedge hogs, fish, snakes, frogs, frog eating snakes, a cat, cockatoos, budgies, hermit crabs and even flying squirrels to pacify whining kids that said things like, "but it followed me home, can't we keep him?" or "but he was going to be so lonely so we HAD to buy two and they're brother and sister so there won't be anymore."

Now that the kids are grown and mostly gone, Craig was happy to only deal with roaches, spiders and mosquitoes. Then Anna moved back. She brought with her a husband and four of the cutest, furriest and stinkiest little sugar gliders.

Below is a picture of another reason why Craig has a No Pets rule. It was taken about 2 a.m., in our bedroom. You may think it's really cute but now he has nightmares about sugar gliders in his bed. It's not funny. One night he tried to throw me out of bed thinking I was a sugar glider burrowing under his arm. So this is a warning to any sugar glider who may want to wander into our room at night: You are not safe!


Dan took this of Taylor.

We grabbed a few people and drove down to see Dan and family, especially the new little one.

He sure is cute!

He took all his new visitors right in stride.

Anna's turn.


While I took this picture...

...Anna was taking this picture. Poor Guille, from all sides!!!

No family resemblance here! Unless I build up my muscles and quit shaving my beard.

Then it was time to play outside.

Avery on the tire swing.

Paola, Tucker, Sierra, Storie, Avery and Anna

Where's Paola?

Calling it a day.

July was so hot!

The only way to stay COOL was to stay inside and play with your grandma's makeup,

go outside and stay drenched,

OR put on awesome sunglasses.

06 August 2009

My Warrior

When I dreamt of my knight in shining armour, this wasn't exactly how I had him pictured...but it will do !

You, too, can have a picture made of your warrior if you go to this link. Two of their current exhibits right now are Genghis Khan and the Terra Cotta Warriors. You'll not want to miss this one.

July was SO hot!

That's Tiffany's garden behind her, she and Paul and the kids did an awesome job with it.

Tucker "hiding" from the uncles.

Rush wouldn't be anywhere else.

Unless it's controlling the water.

Paige, Storie, Anna, Emma

The power boosters are Jeff and Anna, boosting Emma


Emma walking on water

Jeff's turn, with Ben and Anna as boosters

Now it's Ben's turn




Emma again. The kids could have done this ALL night!

Miller and Tiffany

Sierra and Sadie

Sadie, Ben, Abbie

The Grand Finale!

05 August 2009

Philmont - Friday

Our last morning on Baldy.

Sometimes, strange things came in the mail to the staff.

Staff stays busy with projects. This became a castle, complete with a gate that raised and lowered and used at the Commissory.

We're thinking of using this for our Christmas cards this year. If I can just get them sent out!

I'll miss this scenic little walk to the Red Roof Inn.

The inside of the Red Roof Inn. So glad it wasn't a Pilot to Bombadier!


It always amazes me how much room is inside a teepee. We stopped here to pick up a young scout that had damaged his knee and unable to continue on the hike. He rode back to base camp with us where there is an excellent medical facility on base. Volunteer doctors come here, mostly from the University of Kansas.

Staff lodge at Miranda. Crews make pack lines whenever they come into a camp.

The porch talk gives them important information about activities to do and camping procedures.

Crews are logged in, and logged out.

Inside is every mountain man's dream store.

No electricity, no gas lines. All meals prepared the same way as 100 years ago.

Head of Dean

Unexpected detour to Head of Dean. Another injured scout needed to be picked up but by the time we got there, he was already headed to base camp on a comp truck.

Gorgeous view from here as well as Baldy.

We're almost back to base camp. Looking towards Baldy Mountain whose top is in the clouds.

Outside the museum at base camp is this carved rock, carved by Kit Carson.

We've left Philmont and are on the way home. After living in a forest for 21 years, I love seeing the open sky.

So much to see all at once!

The colors are so different as well.

At first it looked like a sun doggie but it wasn't.

It was a real rainbow.