31 October 2011

What the baby did on his last day in the park

First it was the baby in the bath.

Then it was to get the grandpa to feed the baby.

And then it was go look at the bison. Again.

More onlookers.

There were danger signs all around to stay away from the hot spots. Funny, the bison have been here for centuries...

From a distance, it looked like he was getting his winter coat.

The baby learned computer 101 watching chips being mass produced.

Really, what was he thinking? Hor'dourves or just I'm coming through and you're in my way?

This shot screams Yellowstone.

Finally, we make it to Old Faithful Inn so Anna could see the inside of this incredible building only to find out it was closed for the season. A busload of Japanese were also turned away.

Grandpa gave up his hat for the wee one. It was so cold out that he never fussed about wearing it.

Do you see any trees out the window? Maybe a quarter mile away. We saw a herd of bison so what does he do? Pulls over and stops beside the one and only tree along the road and blocks any window shot! He couldn't stop laughing for five minutes and he's been snickering ever since.

This is Anna going for the up close bison shot.

This is Anna's foot print in the pie. Now that's close.

So what are we going to do? Oh, I don't know, wha cha wanna do? Let's do something!

Colors are gorgeous this time of year.

Baby bison.

There was actually a double rainbow.

Met up with Whitney and Maynor and the baby traded us in for them.

A full moon, just in time for Halloween.

30 October 2011

One Exciting Day...

Anna was up early with the baby and this is how her day started.

Grandpa was left boxsitting the baby so...

...mom could go ride a horse.

Anna on the alpha male. So far, so good.

Headed up a steep hill. Do you see what's in her back left pocket?

It holds everything she needs to live her life, including getting her back home to her sweetheart that she hasn't seen in almost a month.

Do you still see it, in her back pocket? Me, neither. Lucky for her it was BEFORE the river crossing.

See Anna smile. This is Anna just before she discovers her wallet is missing.

This is Anna (and Dad and Mom and the baby) after she discovers it is missing.

The bear cub, taking a break in the way too bright light.

Sharing shade with grandma.

Still too bright but hanging in there.

That little wallet is somewhere in this picture. Can you see it? Me, neither. Did I mention that it's yellow, like the color of the grass? That's dad in the lower left corner.

We were all praying, especially her sweetheart. But he knew she'd find it.

Found a lost horseshoe. Does that mean we're on the right trail?


Fortunately, it was pink side up.

Dad's standing at the spot he found it.

He's the man!

Old cabin in the far corner of the field.

Bear trap, that we didn't need. Only saw where the moose bed down and their tracks.

How some of us must of felt after losing our wallet?

How we finished the Exciting Day

A beautiful path was built down to Ousel Falls.

Lots of little tiny falls along the way back to Ousel Falls.

Trying my skill at taking a portrait of the falls.

It's very scenic, late in the day and next to no one here. During the summer it would be a different story.

Another fun place to be with Craig.

Craig took this using Anna's Nikon.

Oz's Bench.

Anna took this awesome photograph. Love it.

She's trusting us with the baby on the bridge.

Craig was being so patient as were playing with our cameras on the way back. Anna took this of me taking the photo below.