10 February 2012

A couple of weeks ago the Quan family invited several families to share their Sunday dinner. So all 12 of us squeezed into their car and they took us home with them.

This is the view from their 19th floor window. Ashleigh said she could count 95 buildings from her apartment window. This is only a portion of the buildings you can see from this window.

These minature daffodils were just starting to bloom.

Brooke was trying to figure out how she could get to the top step and play with the slinky again. Big kids have all the fun.

A round puzzle of the world.

After dinner everyone gathered around the piano and sang. Sister Quan made the baby look good at playing the grand piano.

Smaller pianos for smaller folks.

Brother Quan, man behind the scene.

Group picture before heading out into the cold.

04 February 2012

Shenzhen, Newfield Office

The building in the middle, pinkish and green windows) is where Dad works when he is in Shenzhen.

His office is near the top on the left side.

As I walked around and hiked, I took pictures of his building.

Took this during my hike to the top of the ridge.

This is the window where Dad used a laser pointer so I could see where he was.

From the villa area.

Sunset and rather hazy.

From the ridge.

From the ridge.

In his office, looking out over the city.

In his office, looking at the bay. The ships almost seem to be floating, don't they?

The Christmas tree was still up in the lobby, decorated by the dragon, made from office supply stuff.

And someone made a replica of Dad's building out of paper tubes.

03 February 2012

Shenzhen, random things I saw

Sweet little girl and her mom (grandmother? ayi?). Many people wear these tube shaped covers over their sleeves to keep their clothes clean.

Very, very shy little girl.

This street is in a section of town where villas exist.

It was close to the hotel and made for a very nice walk.

The trees were flowering, smelled sweet and looked a lot like lilies.

Tree root. Artists will carve these into faces with beards.

Security guard's vehicle.

Chinese New Year candy.

Kewpie is a brand name here. There's a little kewpie doll on the front of the package.

Saw this guy in the mall, shopping for new outfits, I'm sure.

02 February 2012

Shenzhen, tour

My first factory tour. Shenzhen is famous for all of its software, hardware companies.

We walked up to the 5th floor then caught an elevator, complete with its own operator, to the 8th floor.

These young people were assembling parts for circuit boards to be used in appliances made by such companies as Phillips and Black and Decker. We asked a lot of questions and learned they wanted the longer hours to earn the pay. Many send their money back home to their families.

Just before the New Year some quit their jobs so that they can go back home for the Spring Festival which ends with Lantern Day. Then they come back and hire on again.

At the end of the tour we were made a presentation and allowed to play with their own Chinese Device. It is a learning tool to learn Mandarin Chinese. If we chose to buy one that day we were given a discount. Several of the ladies took advantage of the deal.

Our tour guide and members of our tour group.

01 February 2012

Shenzhen, beginning of hike

Around the corner from our hotel is this road that leads to the "trailhead" to get to the top of the mountain. If you're thinking Rocky Mountains, no, not the same but the terrain is steep and rough.

At the trailhead was this beautiful pond and turtle.

Above the turtle is the crane. There is symbolism in the animals, colors and it is used everywhere.


See the stairs on the left, looks almost like a tan stone block? That's the trail.

Butterflies in January?

The trail and I was thinking of dirt trails. That's a lot of work digging and hauling those stones.

Keep the trails clean...and hide your trash.

Stone stairs and a stone bridge.

Looking back to see how far I've come. Remember I mentioned steep terrain?

Metal steps were built over the carved in the rock steps.

Still expecting it to turn into a dirt trail at any moment.

Almost to the top, looking back towards the bay and downtown Shenzhen. Pollution mixed with humidity.