26 March 2011

Grampa and his redneck hairdryer

He's the man.

Leave it to Craig to figure out a way to get it done, done quickly and in mass quantities. This is also the day a spider fell inside my shirt and I had 3 huge bites. I still have marks on my skin from it.

Glenn Beck in Houston

Justin Bieber...I mean, Tucker went with me to go see Glenn Beck live in Houston.

Intermission: Nice size crowd, pretty rowdy for their age

Weren't allowed to bring any cameras in, although I saw a few flashes go off in the crowd. Used my cell phone but the spotlight was so bright I had to wait until my camera could see his white sillouette against the dark background. He was funny and serious and only cried once and easily bantered with Stu and Pat and the audience. He told some great stories like going to church on vacation, Elegant Eliminations, He's not going blind but he might go blind and others.

24 March 2011


Stuck again. It was gonna be a bad hair day.

So grandma's giving me a special hair treatment

Whoa! Emma all over again!!!

Waiting for the final rinse.

Done. I feel like a new woman.

20 March 2011

The Glad Dad

Tonia had the girls writing Haiku's the other day and posted them on her blog. Then her mom wrote one that made me laugh, I thought it was great. Then I wondered if I could come up with one. It's been YEARS since I tried to write any poetry. I came up with this

The Glad Dad
There once was a dad named Ben
Who had daughters galore in the den.
And they all wore pink
Except the one like Tink,
And that just made him grin, again.

Thanks Becky and Tonia, I never knew I had it in me :-D

19 March 2011


Tonight is the night of the Supermoon. The next one is predicted to be 14 Nov 2016. See this article here. So I dug out my old 10 lb. tripod from college, dragged it down the block along with the 10 lb. Canon camera where I could see the moon. Forgot to put the card back into the camera, dragged it all back home. Got the card, headed back but thinking I should bring the Nikon camera with me, too. After taking some pictures with the Canon I did go back and get the Nikon which has a longer lens. There's a glow along the bottom edge of the moon.

These two were taken with the Nikon D50 using a 70-300 lens. Cropped some extra space off the edge. This one I lightened a tiny, tiny smidgen. A couple of my better moon shots. Here's another link to a supermoon article with some great photos. Thanks, Lucy!

Clouds were passing rather quickly across the moon which gave an eery but fun effect. Taken with the Canon 7d, 18-135 lens.

Enough light from the moon to almost get rainbow colors in the clouds.

Our street.

Our house.

05 March 2011

Happy Birthday, Craig - 29

Houston Temple

Whitney gets her smile from the Davis side, you think?

The Davidson's



Camping with the grandchildren

Happy Birthday, Craig - 28

At the pond

Sam Houston Area Council Jamboree

Visiting with Lord Baden Powell's granddaughter

Small world


Four Generations

Face off with Andie

Happy Birthday, Craig - 27

Charlie's angels

False advertising, Donegal, Ireland

Giant's Causeway, Ireland

Rope bridge, 80m high, Ireland

Miller family research, Donegal, Ireland

Allen cousins, Iowa

Bob's toy

Gary's toy

Craig's toys

Earning the prestigious LDS award at BSA National Jamboree

Happy Birthday, Craig - 26

Fourth of July

Barbara Cummings Armstrong's descendants

Sam Houston Area Council Scout fair

Working with future scouts

"She'll have to figure it out herself."

Using the baby to bat the ball

Gathering of Eagles dinner

Presenting to Dr. Red Duke

Union Pacific 2010 Scout train

Cliffs of Mohr, Ireland, waiting for the black pirate

Happy Birthday, Craig - 25

Cover boy

District dinner presentations

Still working

Abusing Emma

Four to one, sounds fair

Flying top


Allen cousins

Enchanted Rock