03 December 2012

January 2012

Craig was out of town and I almost didn't go. At the last minute I grabbed my camera and headed to the bus where a small group from church met and we all headed to the Long Dragon Gorge.
The ice slide was made for children but all the skinny adults were trying it out, too.
The dragon entrance to the green and gold dragon, the ice city, the dam, the chair lift across the gorge and a lot more things to do.
Walk through the dragon's mouth and take the stairs and escalators to the tip of his tail and climb down a short, scary ladder to walk across the dam.
Black canvas is anchored across the gorge to create the roof or sky above the ice city beneath it.
I really thought the blossoms were real. Even so, it was beautiful.
Beneath the black canvas is the ice city.

It was hard to pick which pictures to use to show you the wonderful buildings made of ice. Be sure to notice the "stars" attached to the "sky".

A well, water vessels, all of ice.

The flash knocked out a lot of the color.
Wouldn't be China if there weren't vendors. I bought a hot cooked baked yam to warm my hands then ate it to warm my body. I also bought a little can of soymilk. She pulled it out of a pan of steaming hot water. Great idea to warm it up.
One of the bridges.


.:Anna:. said...

What! You guys said there wasn't much to see in the winter!!! THAT LOOKS SO AMAZING!!!!!

M and W said...

You are SO lucky!!! That looks awesome!