07 December 2012

February 2012

Early morning sunrise.
Each morning is beautiful.
Valentine's Dance at Church. The young moms came up with this arch. They're so talented!
This is a very famous street near Tienanmen Square. It's being renovated, keeping the flavor of Old Beijing.
Three-wheeled car. Would love to put one in my suitcase and bring it to Texas with me.
Old rickshaw on display at one of the International Schools in Beijing.
We have the MOST interesting guests for Sunday dinner. Bro. and Sis. Crook are some of our favorites.
Nikki's first banana bread.
This is the Trashman and his shop. Everyone comes here to shop even though it's so far out from the city. I  thought about giving him his own blog and posting a hundred pictures of what treasures you're likely to find.
This is the front door.
You never know what you will find here.

Don't forget to look up or you will miss a great buy.
Not sure if it's a pet or dinner. Another day it was a crazy squirrel, or you might find a bucket of red ear slider turtles, or even a cage of rabbits.

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M and W said...

China is so interesting. Poor sheep/goat I wouldn't want to be dinner.