31 January 2012

Home in China

We loved being back in Texas for Christmas and seeing our children and grandchildren as well as our friends but it was time to head back to China. We had been flying in the dark for some time then I saw the beginning of the sunrise.

Finally there was enough light to see the wing of the plane. The orange dot to the left is the moon. It was on the horizon and I thought it was setting but to my surprise I saw it up above us a few hours later.

Beijing was experiencing some cold weather and Saturday morning we woke to snow on the ground. Can you see those footprints in the snow that go to the basketball court?

It's a heart! Had to get a quick picture of it before it disappeared from others walking out there. How fun!

The next we saw this. Not in Beijing but in Shenzhen where Dad had some meetings and a couple of company New Year parties to attend. I was lucky enough to go along. By the way, the flowers grow on trees and smell so sweet. They look like lilies.

We stayed at the Ascott, just a few minutes walk to Dad's building.

In front were a couple of very nice orange trees...um, bushes. The oranges were so well spaced I thought it was fake at first.

I loved this water fountain in the lobby. The chairs to sit in, and I should have taken a picture of them as well, were shaped just like this fountain but in two halves. It was a bit like sitting in a bowl.

Our room was on the left, second floor, at the end. The rocks spell "Ascott".

It was a most unusual hotel, built on the side of a steep, rocky hill in blocks. We were in block 8. I'm standing on the roof on the 5th floor of Block 6.

This is the sidewalk outside of the Ascott. A lady was sweeping the leaves into piles and another lady put the leaves in plastic bags.

A little further up the street I saw this older man sweeping the street.

Dad relaxing, while doing business. Or maybe he was talking to one of you all.

30 January 2012

It's Time to Say Good-by from Tree Top

All the cousins, ages 14 to 10 months.






The first sunshine since arriving at Tree Top and now we need to get back home.

The cool dude.

Parting shots...

29 January 2012

Christmas Morning

Santa found the kids somehow and left presents for all the good boys and girls.

He even filled their stockings.

He checked to make sure they were all nestled and snug in their beds.

The elf tried his hand at decorating the tree before he left with Santa.

What??!! I missed Santa!!!

Boys and their tablets. Remember this picture.

The elf that got left behind.

A pretty present.

Coolest car ever!

Can't wait to play the new game.

The smallest presents are usually the best.

Remember the Frio Polar Bears? The younger ones belong to the Panda Bear Club.

Boys and their tablets.

Boys and their tablets.

Don't know this couple, they may have been like this for a looooong time.