23 August 2011

New Jobs

Dad, finding out he's the new country manager for Newfield in China.

Mom, finding out she's the new seminary teacher.

15 August 2011

Another Famous Davis

The coolest clique from East Waterloo High School. Craig, his 4th cousin Jeff, Dane and Joe.

04 August 2011

My first venture out alone

Needed two cords for the office so decided I would walk the half mile over to the computer store. This canal runs along side our building. Water does not flow so algae grows like crazy in it.

These remind me of the hollyhocks that grew in Grandma Smith's yard.

The steps take you from the street level to the path along the canal.

There are two men fishing along the right hand side, among the grass.

Ladies, even some men, use umbrellas to have shade from the sun. They prize white skin.

She's waiting for her dog to finish exploring on the side. The steps take you back up to the street level. Pictures taken with my Chinese camera. Next time I'll take my Canon.

02 August 2011

Toto, I think we're in Kansas!

We went to the Classical Furniture Row. Streets of shops with furniture, rocks, even fossils and cushions. We also found some beautiful carved vases. While waiting for the taxi, the ladies in the shop where we found the vases shared a sunflower with us and sent it home with us. What a treat.

The New Office

The office has been upgraded to two computers, four monitors, one printer, four phone lines, one lamp and one very old stool.