27 June 2009

Philmont - Thursday morning

Cope rangers getting the Zipline ready for our last time out.

Teri, who is only 5'7" said she had a hard time on the staples at the top of the 65' pole.

My foot couldn't reach the last staple to get to the platform. It was a matter of jumping and having Anton pull on my arm and me arm-stronging it to make it to the platform.

Ok, so I was the only one who gave a tarzan like yell when I finally went off. You would too, if you were freefalling over 60' up.

The brave group who did the Zipline: Carol, Lucrecia, Ellen, Teri and Terry.
The awesome Cope rangers: Kevin, Maya, Dan, , Ashley, Kristi and Anton (who also happens to be one awesome photographer).

Philmont - Wednesday, family day

Clear Creek Canyon hike, first waterfall we came to.

We hiked there and back again with Kevin and Teri.

This is the next waterfall. This is the back side of Mount Phillips

No, wait, I do, too, know where we are.

This inch worm was about 1/2 inch.

Back at the trailhead is this itty bitty waterfall.

Yes, there was enough rain for a wonderful rainbow.

Want to know where the pot of gold is? It's in the double wide.

Yes, there is a huge herd of elk in this picture. You may have to click on the picture to enlarge it. This picture is unusual in that they are all looking at us. If Craig is with me we usually only see the hind end.

What I haven't told you is that by the end of the hike I was dehydrated. Drank water all the way to the top but we hiked down so fast that I didn't drink any more. Once we were in Taos I drank at least 80 oz. but was still feeling sick (and not from drinking all that water, either). By the time we made it back to Philmont about 9:30 pm I ended up at the Infirmary. They thought I had a migraine but I think I was bordering on one and then combine it with nausea...the last time this happened I was at Wood Badge only this was much worse.

Philmont - Tuesday evening

Brett checking his eye lids for light leaks.

Philmont - Tuesday afternoon

This is called the Flying Squirrel. Waaaay too fun!

This is the view you have from the top of the Flying Squirrel because you're over the tree tops.

These are the people that are holding your life in their hands.

This is called the Confidence Jump. You need confidence to jump.

The pole is 32 feet tall.

The staples were set by a man who happened to be 6' 4". No kidding!

Philmont - Tuesday lunch

Philmont Buffaloe herd. Great eating!

Philmont - Tuesday morning

Red Sky in morning sailor take warning. It did rain today.

Just to the east of us is an open field with lots of deer. They were as curious about us as we were about them.

That's the Tooth of Time in the morning light.

I signed up for the C.O.P.E. course. We're doing the Water Wheel.

With a little help, I made it over. OK, maybe a lot of help.

Can't see it but we're walking on a cable that was miles long, ok it wasn't miles long but it could have been!

Important Key 3 Meeting

Bill, Craig and Brett enjoying the lack of humidity, discussing and solving any and all problems of Tall Timbers District, shoptalk. Riiiiight.

Off to Philmont Scout Ranch - Monday

Craig is a direct kind of person - point A to point B. But he did stop to take shots of a beautiful sunset.

And this is just a part of the gorgeous sunset.

We made our first visit to the Old Grist Mill in Cimmaron. There are SO many artifacts of all kinds to see but what was it that fascinated Craig the most? Yep. The two-headed calf and not the wedding dress of the daughter that eloped and was married on the third floor of the mill.

Monday night the Kwadhi dancers performed for everyone. Incredible young people!

These young dancers do over 81 shows a year, they even travel to other countries.

Eagle dance