16 September 2009

Mom Before Surgery

Anna put together a book of pictures to give Grandma Scott. She absolutely loved it!

Mom had been hearing a lot of stories about hospital mistakes. She decided she didn't want to be one of them. It's the OTHER leg that needs the surgery. The nurses had to clean it off, they said it would read ON and confuse the surgeons. (photo by Lilly)

07 September 2009

Shopping With the Pros

If you're all girl, you know that shopping is second nature. Doesn't matter if you have money or not, you're out to look at all the new items, try on the latest styles and just enjoy the company. Sharing tips on wearing accessories adds to the fun of being out and about town.

Unfortunately, you won't catch all the conversation between the two little pros, and Rush did try to put in his two cents worth, but just watching them try on the hats, purses and gloves was so much fun! They would have stayed there all day if we'd let them.