25 March 2009

Too many choices!

We are close to choosing a color and thought it would be fun to see what color you might choose if it were your house.

So I'm adding a poll. To help you with your color choice, the roof is Weathered Gray and the brick is pinkish/bluish/charcoalish with a brick here and there that looks like it could be churt. Doesn't help much? Click on the picture for a larger image.

12 March 2009

The entertainment

First there were fireworks (fireworks INSIDE the dome? Whoa!) then Solange opened for Gladys Knight (without the Pips).

What we didn't know was that this day was Black Heritage Day and we stood out like white lint on a black suit.

Barrel racers and bull riders

The barrel racers were all girls. They were running full speed when they came out of the chute. Of all my pictures I think this one was half decent.

The bull rider is totally upside down and the clowns are ready to distract the bull from his intent of goring the rider.

The calf chase

This young fellow was so determined to hang onto his calf, but as the calf struggled the boy slid to the side and under the calve's feet. Wounded and in agony he laid there for a few seconds then got up and ran back into the mayhem. That's a cowboy!

What I did last Friday

We had really good seats for this event. We were right down on the ground floor. The first picture shows even the cowboys jumping up on the fence because it is dangerous in the arena. The second picture, if you look close, you can see his hat flying off into space. The third picture shows the two horses that are so well trained, they and their cowboys "rescue" the rider once the buzzer sounds, if they last that long. The fourth picture shows the rider on the back of the other horse. Can't see him? His hand is on the shoulder of the other cowboy and he's holding on for dear life. This last picture shows just how close we were, and I wasn't using a zoom lens. The horse was there and gone, he was so fast!

Who, Me?

What? Me? But I'm the princess and this is MY party!

Really...don't mess with her!

It's obvious, Jack, the cat didn't read the last blog.

Don't mess with this girl

Pay special heed to what she did to that target there.

11 March 2009

Sunlight caught in a drop of water

I had other things to do. But this caught my eye. The sunlight dazzling for a split second in a drop of water. Maybe a bit of cabin fever caused me to pause and try and capture the brilliance. How does one capture the flash of light when it's so fleeting? I tried. It was fun.

10 March 2009

New Giveaway

You're not going to want to miss this giveaway. It's easy, it's fun and it's gorgeous. Tiffany is giving a necklace away to one lucky person. I hope I'm that lucky person then I'll order a bracelet to go with it, and maybe some earrings...

Here is her link