02 November 2011

It's only been 37 years...

Happy Anniversary, it's been a wonderful 37 years. Let's do another 37, shall we? I love you so much!
(Thanks, Anna, for the video, it's so much fun for us to watch.)

01 November 2011

A few parting scenic shots

Big Sky, Montana, Lone Mountain

Back in Yellowstone. Thought we'd share some of the scenic landscapes.

Would love to paint our house some of these colors.

Gallatin River

Gallatin River

Fir Cemetery, Anna pointed this one out to us so Dad decided it would be a good spot to stop.

The Eastern end of the cemetery.

A very old and large tree.

A beautiful sunset.

One of dad's favorite photos.

Cemeteries have its share of ghosts and this cemetery was no different.

A moonscape photo outside our window.

Another moon shot, not too clear.