19 July 2011

MyLitter.com on School Supply Savings

Tiffany, with 5 children in school, could easily spend $250 in school supplies tells how she did for less than $50.

MyLitter.com can help you with summer vacations

Tiffany shows how she planned a spring-break vacation for her family of 9 persons for about $600 at a major vacation destination.

MyLitter.com helping Joplin MO

My daughter, Tiffany, appeared on Fox26 in Houston, May 31, 2011 to show how she used coupons to help those in need after the tornado devastated Joplin, Missouri.

14 July 2011

The Recovery of Joplin, MO, taken 28 June 2011

Decided to drive through Joplin MO on my way home from Iowa. Main St. was decorated and very clean.

What amazed me most was the green on the trees and the grass. There was none of that 5 weeks before.

So much of the debris has been taken out.

Some areas look so barren.

Some grass simply didn't survive, but the trees are fighting for survival. See the metal still wrapped around a branch, hanging like a steel flag?

So much debris is gone.

I tried to take pictures of the same areas and buildings for comparison. That's the hospital in the background.

Large yellow "picker-upper" helping with the debris removal.

See the trees leaf out (again) was a joy.

Tornado should have heeded the red sign. Written on the house "Thank you Volunteers. We love u! You are our heroes!"

It amazes me how much work has been done in only five weeks.

Amazing how the branch split vertically. Not keeping the bird from coming in for a landing.

Some of these pictures speak for themselves.

"For Sale"

"Split Level, 1/2 split, 1/2 leveled" I love their spirit and sense of humor in Joplin!

So sad. On the side it reads "I AM DONE", on the front "TEAR ME DOWN" and "DIRECT HIT."

On the other hand, "DO NOT DEMO."

"For Sale" "All Alive and Well" with a picture of an anchor and a flower.

Not much left, flag at half-mast.

The kitchen table, the wastebasket and even the kitchen sink.

Despite the metal accessory, this tree is going to make it.

This was taken 5 weeks ago. Notice all the wood piled up on the left and around the house?


Workers were all around. So were flags!

Another "picker-upper" removing debris.

My favorite "picker-upper." The driver sits in the chair and handles it as if it's his own hands picking up huge items to put in the back of the trucks to be hauled out.

Another picture, just for fun.

One side of the hospital.

And the other side. I couldn't tell front or back. God Bless the people of Joplin and all those who are helping. God Bless America.