25 February 2011

Zhuhai - Thursday

Went for a walk, turned out to be 5 miles or so.

A few feet before seeing this cat I saw a large gray rat messing in some debris. This fellow looks like he is waiting for the fish to jump out of this hole.

From the hotel I headed towards the Sea. I wanted to take pictures of the native boats. The girl on the right was blowing bubbles.

I walked clear around this point where the Lady with the Pearl is suppose to be, she is likened to our Statue of Liberty.

The Lady with the Pearl, weighs around 10 tons.

Continued along the coastline, another beach area and a park across the road.

The dad was teaching his son to fly a kite. When it came down another little boy was going to pick it up but this little boy ran full speed yelling so the other boy left it alone. That's the mom on the left.

This mom is carrying her little one in a traditional carrier. I saw a painting of a mother from over a 100 years ago wearing the same type of carrier for her baby.

There were lots of these boats up near the bridge. That's Wild Fox Island in the back.

I'm at the same level as the 5-story building, hundreds of high-rise apartments in the city.

Have no idea who this is but the garden surrounding this statue is beautiful.

Entrance to the park where all the kite eating trees live. Notice the rabbit ears on the zero and the ones look like carrots? It's the year of the rabbit.

Another statue in the city, haven't learned Chinese yet...

This needs no translation.

Family sharing a can of soda.

Click on the picture and you can see the signs better. Looks "greek" to me.

Zhuhai - Wed. night

We arrived in Zhuhai Wednesday night and dad set up his computer and got to work. He was to present during the first hour and needed to be prepared.

21 February 2011

Moving on...

I really love the picture in the previous post and would just as soon it stayed on top of the blog but it's time to move on and share some other things.

Craig has moved to China but will be back in Houston several times a year. He's very good about keeping his blog up at Grampa Craig's site so you'll always know where he is and what he is doing. I tagged along on this trip to see what Beijing looked like and see the new apartment. Last night we found a western grocery store about a block away, it's a 1.6 mile walk to church and another 1.6 mile home. The Chinese are no different than other people, in fact, the other day I saw a young man that could have been a dead ringer for Conan O'Brien, complete with reddish hair. I've seen other people here that remind me of friends back home.