14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day, Craig

Tonight a large vehicle rumbled on our street and stopped in front of our house. Doorbell rung but when I looked through the glass no one was there. Did I dare open the door? Was someone hiding around the corner? Then I saw the box on the ground. The flowers are beautiful!

This rock had our names on it and I would have brought it home for you but it weighed more than I did. With all my love.

Happy Birthday, Ben

Tonight I surprised Ben. I called him at supper time. Usually, I call him just before 10 p.m. and tell him that I'm remembering his birth day and just what it was like giving birth to him. Tonight he surprised me. He reminded me that in the scriptures it says, first there's the pain then there's the joy. I should have named him Joy. Only I didn't know he was going to be a pain. Well, he is truly a joy now. Not to mention he brought 5 more darling girls into the family. Yep, he's awesome!

This is celebrate Ben week so here are a few more pictures. With one of his girls stealing the show.

She's thinking of her next plan of attack, should I or shouldn't I ?

It was target practice and he did really well.

08 February 2009

Family Portrait

Family portraits are fun. At least they are loads of fun now. Back in my day we had to dress up, comb our hair and sit in uncomfortable positions for hours and then the photographer took us in the back to the studio to "make our portrait". Nowadays, grab your kids, let's go to the park and it's practically a la natural' and practically painless.

Have never been anywhere where Craig somehow didn't mix shop with vacation. So Ben is being trained by the best professional in the field. It was shoptalk in the sand.

New Stuff

Can't believe January is gone and February is headlong into Valentine's Day. Craig left again for China. He was tired when he left so not surprised he was exhausted when he arrived. Hotels there don't believe in mattresses like we know, they use mats. It took Craig a while to figure out which hotels did have mattresses and hopefully he will be able to stay in one of those.

Well, I just spent two days trying to figure out how to post a whole bunch of pictures from January only to have the whole thing rejected because of an HTML error that I did not even put in. So will just have a simple post.

Ben's birthday is next week so here are a few pictures of Ben. This is the Before and the After the Paintball pictures. But I'm sure you already figured it out.